Our Story


A Tradition Begins

Founded in 1853, the White Mountain® brand has always been about making sweet family memories right at home, with ice cream made by hand. From its beginning with Grandma’s simple hand-crank model, generations that followed continued the tradition. Now, over 150 years later, not much has changed about the marvelous White Mountain® ice cream maker.

New England Pine
A classic, sturdy, and sustainable American wood, New England White Pine has been used to handcraft our buckets for generations.

Committed to Quality

Our reputation was built on heritage and quality. The White Mountain® brand continues to be committed to using the highest quality metals, woods and manufacturing technique s to produce some of the finest ice cream makers in the world. Our wooden bucket is made from select pine tongue and groove planks from New England, tightly secured with sturdy metal bands. The wood is finished with three coats of stain, sealer and lacquer for years and years of use. We keep our standards high because we know that White Mountain® Ice Cream Makers become part of a family tradition passed from one generation to the next.

At the heart of the White Mountain® machine is a uniquely designed, twin-blade "dasher". The outer canister turns clockwise and the blades turn both clockwise and counter-clockwise. That triple-motion action continuously folds the ingredient mixture from the outer walls back onto itself creating the smoothest and creamiest ice cream.

In 1953 we introduced an electric motor powered unit that revolutionized homemade ice cream making. Our state-of-the-art commercial grade motor is rugged, dependable and has superior starting and running torque for churning and blending ice cream. It's not faster, just easier on your elbow. We still offer our original hand crank version, and it remains popular with young and old alike.

The Choice Is Yours

Some people like to turn the crank themselves; the way people did over 150 years ago when White Mountain® ice creams makers were first made. They grew up enjoying the experience, and like to pass the tradition along to their kids, or grandkids.

Others like to turn the job over to the powerful White Mountain motor. They set it up and plug it in — keeping an eye on it and just adding a little ice or salt now and then to the bucket. Either way, both models turn out creamy, smooth ice cream and create unforgettable memories for friends and family.

Turn Ice Cream Into Memories

If you're longing for a time when life was less complicated and getting the family together for fun was...well, just plain simple, then you're ready for The White Mountain® Brand Experience. Is it better than store-bought? Of course it is. It's rich, dense, creamy homemade ice cream churned with love and with the kind of family time that makes life worth it all.