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General Questions

Use rubber or work gloves to protect hands from cold and salt.

Besides the new premium dark brown stain, the bucket has a new badge and improved slide and lock brackets; hold and easily release both the electric motor and the hand crank. And of course, the NEW metal logo badge makes your new bucket very stylish.

The new motor has a new green color and logo and improvements to the inside and frame of the motor.

Ice cream is made by freezing (while stirring) a pasteurized, homogenized mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and other ingredients and flavorings to produce a countless variety of ice cream creations.

Use a wooden spoon (which will not conduct heat) for stirring and repacking ice cream. If packed properly for freezing, left over ice cream can be kept up to a month. If not packed properly you will lose taste and texture of the ice cream.

The ice cream maker has a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Morton's All Natural Solar Salt Crystals can be used, which can be found a home improvement stores; it works very well in place of ice cream rock salt.

After completion, the ice cream is similar to a soft serve ice cream. To have a more firm ice cream such as for ice cream cones, harden the ice cream either using the old fashioned way (see FAQ) or by packing the ice cream and placing in your freezer.

Do not plug hole in side of the freezer tub- this is for draining excess brine and should be kept open at all times.

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