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Care & Cleaning

1. Make sure the wood bucket is rinsed and dried, so that salt does not corrode the metal parts.

2. Wash the steel canister with soapy water, making sure it is completely dried.

3. Wipe off the hand crank and electric motor housing with a damp cloth. NOTE: Do not immerse the motor unit (electric model only), cord, or plug in water or any other liquid.

The wooden tub of your freezer will be dry when you first receive your unit. You should put 3 to 4 inches of water into the tub before using for the first time. This will give the wood a chance to swell up so that the salt brine solution will not leak out during the freezing process. Remember to store in a cool location to help increase the life of your freezer.

Also wash the metal canister can and lid with baking soda and water and dry before the very first use, this will wash off any dust from packaging.

No, please hand wipe or hand wash all parts to keep your ice maker in the best condition.